Sunday, 24 October 2010



the moon is very horror
movie moustaches of cloud trousers
on its face,a lamplit smoky room full
of london 1888,in the sky
like a fiery death,a painting framed by
cloud,i can imagine a starry night,a
wolf man holwing,the drunks staggering out
onto the streets as it blithely watches,seeing
all seen all with its black kohl eyes,and scarred
face fire cars wars storms unblinking
it is all for you moon,we—
a puff flower,stars blown in the wind
watching coloured boxes with hearts
apple core,the curtains now
drawn,the illusion,illumination
lost to the window
frame an eyeglass age
less sky

(18 lines)

Published in 'Reflections' by United Press


  1. It is all "frightfully romantic".

    I love it when it flows like this, the syrup of life, the strange beauty of our existence

    True art

  2. Thats a pretty great poem righ there.